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For the Health of it – July Prompt:

My Ideal Dinner Party This year we’ve been short on opportunities for social occasions. Restaurants have been closed and we’ve not been able to have people into our homes. Things

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My hopes and fears

This has been the weirdest time for everyone. All of the plans that we had for this year are up in the air. I haven’t seen my son for over

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Hopes and Fears

I started this blog with great enthusiasm. 2020 was to be the year I lost weight, did fun things all summer and then had breast reconstruction surgery in the autumn.

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Into Summer

This has been the strangest of springs. After a wet but mild winter the weather has been pretty glorious. Just a few wet and windy days, but otherwise warm and

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The Changing Seasons

This month’s For the Health of it Prompt is: The Changing Seasons It is spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and with it comes longer days and (hopefully) warmer weather.

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For various reasons I’ve not been able to give this blog and the For the Health of it Meme my attention. So I am planning to relaunch the meme on

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Go to Websites / Resources for Food, Fitness and Health

I have a feature on this blog for websites that provide advice and support on eating well and keeping healthy. Over the past few weeks I’ve pulled back from promoting

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Blogging A-Z: Fit and Healthy

Or: Staying Fit and Healthy when at home This is the topic for this week’s For the Health of it Meme. Chosen because all around the world people are having

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Keeping fit and healthy when staying at home

Who could have predicted that Eating Out would become something we were no longer allowed to do. Between the date I published my prompt post (8th March) and the expected

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Eating out

We eat out a lot. Eating in restaurants has been part of our life since the beginning of our relationship 6 years ago. Before that, in my previous relationship, eating

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