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Processed food

Last week I came across this (rather long) article in the Guardian about processed food. Much of it is about the things we know or are now learning about the

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For the Health of it

Welcome to For the Health of it I am excited to welcome you to a new fortnightly meme hosted by Food, Fitness and Health. When I decided to start a

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Green Thai Curry

This recipe for Green Thai Curry is one I got from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals and have used and adapted over the years. You can have it with chicken

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Food to heal – Eating a rainbow

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have struggled with my weight for many years. But it took my breast cancer diagnosis to make me think properly about whether what I eat

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My problem with food

The thing is that my problem with food is that I like food too much and I pretty much like all food. Obviously I like some things better than others,

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