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Being kind to yourself

At the start of the Covid-19 lockdown I imagined myself getting so much done. Decorating, cleaning, writing and finishing off my 5 year old cross stitch, to name a few.

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Virtual Journey

My weight loss journey has come to a grinding halt. I just don’t seem to be able to get back properly on track. But it isn’t all bad, while I

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Blogging A-Z: Holidays

I’m behind. A busy day followed by a lazy one and I am behind. Will endeavour to catch up today and tomorrow. This H is also posted on my other

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Blogging A-Z: Greens

I’m quite a lover of foods that are green. So, have no problem in eating my greens as it were. Particular favourites are cabbage (including spring green), leeks and broccoli.

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Blogging A-Z: Exercise

When it comes to exercise, I am not a natural. Style and coordination don’t come easily either. I’ve never been a runner, I hated having to run when I was

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Blogging A-Z: Decision

Veering off the food related words of the past 3 days, this is a journal type post. How is it that we make a decision on Monday, or late at

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Blogging A-Z: Calories

Calories in and calories out. That’s the age old advice of nutritionists. It’s still the advice we’re given in the UK. It seems sensible that since a calorie is a

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Blogging A-Z: Bread

After yesterday’s post on Avocados, we move onto B. I have to admit that I haven’t planned this out well. But intend to mix up food, fitness and health topics.

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Blogging A-Z Avocados

I’ve participated in the Blogging A-Z four times previously on my other (NSFW) blog. And am doing so again this year. But I thought it would be fun to also

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