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Absence of productivity

My Food, Fitness and Health mojo has been absent. I’m struggling to keep focused on my goals and so days go by without writing. Here or on my other blog.

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Life is a rollercoaster

Can it be just two weeks ago that I was preparing for Eroticon and working hard to lose an extra couple of pounds? That Friday, even though I knew by

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Valuable lessons in smoothing the curves

Its now over 3 months since I started intermittent fasting to lose weight and get slimmer. I love my curves (to an extent) but want them to be smoother. I’d

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Slow and steady

After I texted G with news of my latest weight loss, hw replied with “Slow and steady” So, it is. Just another half a pound this week. so just 1.5lb

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Moving on down

Slowly. But the scales are definitely definitely moving down. Just half a pound off this week. But given the weekend of excess I had last week this is a good

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Turning things around

I won’t deny that I was disappointed with last week’s weigh in. But mostly with myself for allowing old habits to creep in. This week though was somewhat different. My

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A blip

Yesterday, the scales went up and not down. It was only a one pound gain and my first since December. It was disappointing but I do know where it came

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Body measurements – February

At the moment the news from here is pretty much all good. I’m still feeling good about my 1lb weight loss last week. Plus I had a reasonable weekend food

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Weigh in day and January progress

Of course I’ve had consistent weight losses before. Usually this tails off after 3 or 4 weeks. The fact that I put on no weight at Christmas means that this

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My Friday update

My 4th official weigh in this year and another 1.5lb down. My total weight loss is 10.5lb, 6 so far this year. At last I’m consistently losing weight. I wasn’t

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