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A blog to follow: Journey to health with Priya

It’s been a long time since I last recommended a blog to follow. To be honest I’ve been extremely remiss in posting at all. But I’m going to try to

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Absence of productivity

My Food, Fitness and Health mojo has been absent. I’m struggling to keep focused on my goals and so days go by without writing. Here or on my other blog.

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Being kind to yourself

At the start of the Covid-19 lockdown I imagined myself getting so much done. Decorating, cleaning, writing and finishing off my 5 year old cross stitch, to name a few.

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Go to Websites / Resources for Food, Fitness and Health

I have a feature on this blog for websites that provide advice and support on eating well and keeping healthy. Over the past few weeks I’ve pulled back from promoting

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Blogging A-Z: Isolation

Around the world people are living in a state of what has been termed ‘social’ isolation. For us, that means the two of us living here in a nice house

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Blogging A-Z: Greens

I’m quite a lover of foods that are green. So, have no problem in eating my greens as it were. Particular favourites are cabbage (including spring green), leeks and broccoli.

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Blogging A-Z: Fit and Healthy

Or: Staying Fit and Healthy when at home This is the topic for this week’s For the Health of it Meme. Chosen because all around the world people are having

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Blogging A-Z: Calories

Calories in and calories out. That’s the age old advice of nutritionists. It’s still the advice we’re given in the UK. It seems sensible that since a calorie is a

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Blogging A-Z: Bread

After yesterday’s post on Avocados, we move onto B. I have to admit that I haven’t planned this out well. But intend to mix up food, fitness and health topics.

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Keeping fit and healthy when staying at home

Who could have predicted that Eating Out would become something we were no longer allowed to do. Between the date I published my prompt post (8th March) and the expected

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