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My physical health

I’ve never been skinny or exercised excessively, but I always considered myself healthy. Throughout my adult life I’ve tried to eat reasonably healthily and to do enough exercise. I was

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For the Health of it #1 – Physical Health

Welcome to the first prompt post of my brand new meme here on Food, Fitness and Health. I’ve decided to keep the first few prompts broad so that they give

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For the Health of it Prompts

The Food, Health and Fitness meme: For the Health of it begins on Monday 24th February 2020 at midnight UK time). The link for each prompt will be open for

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Countdown to the start of: For the Health of it

On Monday 24th February my new Meme: for the Health of it goes live. As mentioned last week, the first topic is Physical Health. These are some questions you might

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Processed food

Last week I came across this (rather long) article in the Guardian about processed food. Much of it is about the things we know or are now learning about the

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For the Health of it

Welcome to For the Health of it I am excited to welcome you to a new fortnightly meme hosted by Food, Fitness and Health. When I decided to start a

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A Website / Blog to follow: Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor is a site run by doctors and dieticians. It is particularly devoted to a low carbohydrate / Keto lifestyle. On the one hand it offers a paid for

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Food to heal – Eating a rainbow

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have struggled with my weight for many years. But it took my breast cancer diagnosis to make me think properly about whether what I eat

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My problem with food

The thing is that my problem with food is that I like food too much and I pretty much like all food. Obviously I like some things better than others,

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A blog to follow: The Yoyo Chronicles

The Yoyo Chronicles is a blog written by Julie Obiamiwe who like me is a yoyo dieter. She has been trying to lose weight since 2014 (like me). Over that

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