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For the Health of it – July Prompt:

My Ideal Dinner Party This year we’ve been short on opportunities for social occasions. Restaurants have been closed and we’ve not been able to have people into our homes. Things

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Go to Websites / Resources for Food, Fitness and Health

I have a feature on this blog for websites that provide advice and support on eating well and keeping healthy. Over the past few weeks I’ve pulled back from promoting

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Blogging A-Z: Greens

I’m quite a lover of foods that are green. So, have no problem in eating my greens as it were. Particular favourites are cabbage (including spring green), leeks and broccoli.

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Blogging A-Z: Fit and Healthy

Or: Staying Fit and Healthy when at home This is the topic for this week’s For the Health of it Meme. Chosen because all around the world people are having

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Blogging A-Z: Decision

Veering off the food related words of the past 3 days, this is a journal type post. How is it that we make a decision on Monday, or late at

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Blogging A-Z Avocados

I’ve participated in the Blogging A-Z four times previously on my other (NSFW) blog. And am doing so again this year. But I thought it would be fun to also

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Life is a rollercoaster

Can it be just two weeks ago that I was preparing for Eroticon and working hard to lose an extra couple of pounds? That Friday, even though I knew by

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Eating out

We eat out a lot. Eating in restaurants has been part of our life since the beginning of our relationship 6 years ago. Before that, in my previous relationship, eating

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For the Health of it #2 – Eating Out

Thank you to everyone who linked up to For the Health of it #1 – Physical Health. There were 8 link ups, including 2 from May More. Posts provided insights

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My physical health

I’ve never been skinny or exercised excessively, but I always considered myself healthy. Throughout my adult life I’ve tried to eat reasonably healthily and to do enough exercise. I was

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