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A blog to follow: Journey to health with Priya

It’s been a long time since I last recommended a blog to follow. To be honest I’ve been extremely remiss in posting at all. But I’m going to try to

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A website to follow: Delish

Delish is a magazine style website contains all kinds of useful information. Recipes, food and other news. The UK site concentrates on food and drink, including cocktail recipes and restaurant

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A Website / Blog to follow: Diet Doctor

Diet Doctor is a site run by doctors and dieticians. It is particularly devoted to a low carbohydrate / Keto lifestyle. On the one hand it offers a paid for

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Blog to follow: Fat girl skinny

Kirsty from has followed slimming world from home to lose 5 stone in weight. She set up har blog 5 years ago, along with an instagram account to get

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A blog to follow: The Yoyo Chronicles

The Yoyo Chronicles is a blog written by Julie Obiamiwe who like me is a yoyo dieter. She has been trying to lose weight since 2014 (like me). Over that

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Blog to follow – Man v Fat

Man v Fat was set up by Andrew Shanahan in 2014 and is particularly aimed at men (clue in the title). This is a digital magazine, initially crowdfunded by Andrew.

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Creating drama and the role of alcohol

It’s been a strange weekend. Busy in an unusual way. Straight after my slimming world weigh in on Friday   But because my car is in the garage I took

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Pinch of Nom

This week’s blog / website to follow is Pinch of Nom This is a recipe website run by Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson. who, after joining Slimming World started a

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A blog to Follow: Slimming Eats

Slimming Eats is a recipe based blog run by full time mum and food blogger Siobhan. she is from London but now lives in Canada. After moving Siobhan wanted to

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New weekly feature – A blog to follow

Each week I’m going to feature a website or blog that I think is worthy of a follow.  I know how important it is to build a readership and to

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