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About me

My name is Julie, I am a 57 year old woman who lives in the UK. I have been overweight for much of my adult life and consequently dieted for much of it. At school I wasn’t particularly good at sport and over the years I’ve learned to endure various forms of exercise and fitness. I love food, wine and gin. I like to walk and to swim and I like to write about what I do.

Just over a year ago, in September 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy in October of that year. Luckily the risk of recurrence is low so I didn’t need chemotherapy. I am on the waiting list for reconstruction surgery and for that I need to be fit, healthy and to lose some weight.

But that isn’t everything. Evidence tells us that what we eat contributes to the development of breast and other cancers. That exercise, improves health and wellbeing. And that dieting makes us fat.

I’ve decided to start this blog because I need to improve my health and wellbeing. I’m a serial dieter, but I want to make this a lifestyle change because I want to live a good and long life.

This blog isn’t just about physical health but also mental and sexual health. It recognises that being healthy doesn’t necessarily about being thin, so body positivity is also vital.

We eat to live, but also live to eat. Eating should be part of our social life. Exercise is for health and also enjoyment. Life should be fun, but sometimes we struggle to live well and be happy. Sometimes Just getting through the day is all we can hope for and this blog is also about those times too.

So, come join me on my journey to eat good food, be fit and healthy and live well.

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