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Letrozole – a thorn in my side

My breast cancer was hormone dependent and so after surgery I was given medication designed to prevent recurrence. I was lucky and didn’t require chemotherapy, just radiotherapy. The risk of

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Swimming as therapy

I’ve always loved swimming. Ever since I learned at the age of around 9 or 10 I have enjoyed being in the water and losing myself in that warm wet

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A blog to Follow: Slimming Eats

Slimming Eats is a recipe based blog run by full time mum and food blogger Siobhan. she is from London but now lives in Canada. After moving Siobhan wanted to

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Christmas progress

Well, I’ve not been the best at writing regularly. But with the New Year only two days away what better time to right that wrong? The trip to Amsterdam didn’t

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If you fall off the wagon

Just get back on. I’ve been very remiss and not blogged here since 6th December. I also haven’t been giving this blog the time it needs to get established. Hopefully

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Three weight losses in a row

It’s been a while since I consistently lost weight. But, at last I have 3 losses in a row. I am also coming to the end of the third week

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New weekly feature – A blog to follow

Each week I’m going to feature a website or blog that I think is worthy of a follow.  I know how important it is to build a readership and to

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Intermittent Fasting – A new beginning?

Two weeks ago I began Intermittent Fasting in the hope it might help me lose weight. I’ve tried many different eating plans (or in other words diets). Back in the

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Welcome to Food and Fitness for Health

Welcome to my new blog I’ve been meaning to start a food and health related blog for some time. But as usual I was in procrastination mode. My friend Rebel

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