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Counting down

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My wedding shoes are white with sparkly things on them. I'm breaking them in today!

In 9 days we will married. Almost exactly because by the time I publish this post it will be after 3.30pm. I’m planning to get back to this blog over the coming days and weeks. Firstly as a wedding count down and then as a revival of my travel blog. I really enjoyed sharing our travels last summer and I’m going to try hard to do so again. Even if no one reads them it will provide a record for me.

It feels like we’ve been planning this wedding for ever. In fact it’s only been 6 months. But finally everything is done and pretty much paid for. So we can look forward and enjoy what is to come.

It’s going to be a small event, just 30 of us. At one time I was up to 40. As usual with families there was a little upset as some quite close family decided not to come and didn’t have the decency to tell me. But that’s their loss and I’m completely past it now.

We’re marrying in a hotel and I’m ever more hopeful that I’ll get my wish to marry outdoors. The weather this summer has been good and looks set to last. Flowers are to be a wonderful part of the day, with the theme blue, yellow and white. These will hopefully complement my blue dress, the purchase of which wasn’t without stress (I’ll write about that another day). But all that is resolved and I have something beautiful to wear for the day along with the most amazing shoes. I’ve been wearing them around the house as I so infrequently wear heels these days (see image above).


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