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I can do this!

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My little wedding planner. A pale blue / green book with little coloured spots on. It says, create the wedding you'll live your way.

For the past few years I’ve been very good at making excuses for the fact that I can’t lost weight. But it turns out I can. In just 6 weeks I’ve managed to lose 10lb and an enormous number of inches. What it has taken and will continue to require though is commitment. Plus a sustained change in habits.

This I think is where I’ve gone a bit wrong before. I’m great at starting things, less good at sustaining them. This time though I have good reasons to want to keep going. A wedding dress to fit into, an ability to be more active and less out of breath on holiday and maybe a breast reconstruction later on. So, a progress update.

Diet and alcohol intake

My diet tends to be good. We cook from scratch most of the time. However a few (or more than a few) takeaways crept in over lockdown and continued. We’ve pretty much cut them out, save for the occasional one. Plus no pizzas! I’ve also got back into intermittent fasting and have cut down on carbs most days.

We’ve settled into a routine where we don’t have alcohol Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and keep it to wine with dinner on Thursday. The weekends do need reigning in a bit more as we have got a little carried away at times. However we must be doing something right.

I’m losing weight and G isn’t. Which is how it needs to be because he is pretty much under weight.


My main exercise is still swimming, with some walking thrown in. I know I need to get into some strength / resistance / toning exercise. But I haven’t quite got my head into gear for it yet. I’ll also be stepping up the walking once the weather improves and spring arrives!

Weight and Inches

I’ve set up a little excel page with my weight and measurements on. The weight graph is moving along nicely. I haven’t worked out how to do one for the measurements, but I have a running total lost which has reached 15.5 overall. 5 of those are for my waist alone and I’ve just bought a smaller bra! My BMI is down to 32.5, so still further to go.

I think this is going to help me keep going even when things get tough, which they will.

Wedding plans

I have a little wedding planner, which I bought online and which is proving really useful. It’s written for the young average bride and groom to be, with parents paying and half a dozen bridesmaids. But it’s pretty adaptable. Plus it has lots of hints and tips and places to put in ideas and costs. I’m liking it very much and I think it will make a great keep sake. I’ve also put together a spreadsheet.

I’ve discovered that it’s very easy to spend a lot of money on a wedding and so have set budgets for the various elements. The most expensive thing after the ceremony and venue is photographer and flowers. These are the things I’m actually willing to spend a bit more on. I’ll go into a bit more detail about everything as time goes on.

For now though, the positivity continues and my motto of the week is: I can do this!

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