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A good week

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This first of 2022 has been a good week in almost all ways. Today will be my 6th day of dry January, I’ve been able to keep up with the intermittent fasting on all but one day this week and I’ve lost 3lb. Now for a bit more detail.


Since Monday I’ve been back to my normal routine of no breakfast, a lunch of salad or home made soup without bread etc. and a normal dinner. I’ve also cut portion sizes a bit for dinner, especially when it comes to carbs. Interestingly as the week has gone on I’ve felt less hungry for them anyway. I will be carrying on in this vein this week coming. I’ve been working from home this week, but will need to go to the office twice next week. So some planning is needed on Monday which is my day off.


My usual daytime routine is coffee at some point in the morning with tea to quench my thirst while working. Then water with lunch. We always have water with dinner, but usually that supplements the wine. This week there has been none of the latter and no gin and tonic before hand. We had definitely got ourselves into some bad habits, originating while on holiday in the summer or even before. This break was well needed and offers a reset.

It has helped that G has also abstained and we have both drunk water over dinner and in the evening. As I’ve said I don’t drink fizzy drinks, unless I’m somewhere very hot and need some sugar rather than just water. This means I will be mainly sticking to my routine for now.

Intermittent Fasting

This is really easy to do if you are home and not drinking anything that interferes with the fast. So I close my window at 8pm and can open again at 12pm. I admit that with tea or coffee (with milk) before midday I am dirty fasting, but if I’m losing weight I’m good with that. I am pretty sure IF works for me if I don’t eat for enough hours. I also like that I am now experiencing hunger pangs again, which I wasn’t before.


I’ve not exercised as much as I intended. But I have found the yoga has awakened muscles I’d forgotten I had. So I’ve not done it every day. However I have either swam, done 30 mins of yoga or walked down then up a hill on a walk each day. So onwards with all of that and I will step it up and look for more to do as I get going.


I’m not 100% following Slimming World, but I am keeping to the basic principles and I am still a member. Of group and I also help out. It forms a great social network and there are a number of people there at target and who I aspire to be more like. I was very pleased with my 3lb loss and am now just 1.5lb above my original start weight. From there I can properly get going.

Next week

Hopefully more of the same and another good and positive week.

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