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2022 – A year to make things happen

2022 set into a road with with white lines.

Ever since I started this blog I’ve written about making changes to my health and fitness. Over the past 2 years I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve started, turned over a leaf and then failed over and over. I’m just not consistent.

January is my most consistent month, both in terms of making plans and actually doing them. The rest of the year I’m absolutely rubbish. Why is that I wonder?

The sad thing is that I now find myself at pretty much my highest ever weight and incredibly unfit. I have just 3 months to prove to the surgeons I can be fit for breast reconstruction. Actually I don’t even know that I want to have the surgery, but I don’t want the choice taken away from me. This year I have to make new an different things happen.

It’s 4th January today so what have I already done for 2022?

Not put on weight over the holiday period

Last Friday when I was weighed at Slimming World, I hadn’t actually put on any weight! Nor have I put any on over new year, according to my scales. That is a very good start. Sadly I was 4.5 lb over my original start weight, but we are where we are.

Dry January

While I had a drink or 10 over the long and extended weekend, yesterday I started dry January. I’m intending to use this as a catalyst for changing my (and our) drinking habits which started to get out of hand during lock down and continued. We’ve got into some very bad habits and it has to stop. G and I had a long chat about this and other things at the weekend and agreed that we will make this change. I don’t know how long he will join me on the wagon but I’m hoping he will at least moderate.

Not drinking alcohol provides a little problem as I don’t drink any fizzy drinks except water, soda and tonic. I think I’ll be adding lime and lemon to any of those rather than returning to Pepsi max. I gave that up over 3 years ago after my breast cancer diagnosis. Tea and coffee are fine for me, but I don’t necessarily want them with dinner!

Moderating my diet

In all honesty my diet isn’t especially bad, most of the time. We cook from scratch 90+% of the time. I tend to keep carbs to once a day and rarely have anything sweet. I have a hunch that. most of the issue has been wine. But at weekends I eat a lot more bread and cheese and along with a glass or 2 the calories, and bad ones at that mount up. So while I’m cutting down on alcohol I’m also going to be much more careful with food.

I know a low carb works for me and is pretty healthy. It’s just that once you find yourself eating pasta, rice, bread etc. it often leads to more of the same. Finally I’m trying too get back into intermittent fasting


A couple of years ago I was really in the swing of this lifestyle. Fasting for 16-8 hours and eating within a 6-8 hour window. I’ve continued to skip breakfast unless I’m staying in a hotel, but it’s a struggle if you consume anything but water late at night. I’m not going to be really strict and religiously count fasting hours, but I am going to try to only eat when I’m hungry.


Since Christmas I’ve got back to swimming after a break of a month. Over all I’ve been less good at getting up and going since I got back from holiday. Plus this week I’ve started an online yoga programme that lasts 30 days. So far so good with that after 2 days.

So this is all the plan, lets just see if I can keep it up this time!

2 thoughts on “2022 – A year to make things happen”

  1. Julie,
    What’s missing in the actions you are taking is not doing any resistance exercise. That is the key to maintaining weight loss, and has a host of other benefits.

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