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We have early progress

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2 weeks in and we have progress in both weight and measurements. More though I’m feeling positive about this journey. I have a date for my next plastic surgery appointment. – 7th April and losing the required weight by then feels doable.

So, what is the early progress?

2.5lb lost in the first 2 weeks as measured on the Slimming World scales on Friday.

Inches lost as measured by me yesterday – 3 wopping inches from my tummy and an inch from chest, hips and waist. I’m pretty pleased with that.

Last week wasn’t such a good week for steps. Our Oxford trip put me on a good footing and then I worked from home 2 days and barely took a step. Going to the office on Wednesday and a walk on Friday helped a bit, but must do better.

Intermittent Fasting is going fine on week days but has been out of the window at weekends. But for now it’s probably enough. I expect I’ll need to get stricter once I get nearer the target weight I want to be.

For now though, early progress is good progress!

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