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Just over a week in – Progress update

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It’s been 9 days since I started back on my diet plan and progress so far looks steady. The need to lose weight was confirmed a week ago when I saw the plastic surgeon. It was reassuring to know that they want to prioritise breast reconstructions for those that have been waiting the longest. But they won’t entertain surgery for me (or anyone else) with a BMI over 30. I’m ashamed to say that mine was 34.5! I think that rather than pounds, this needs to be my focus, because it isn’t just getting there it is staying there.

At the end of week 1 at Slimming World I’d lost a pound. Not bad since I didn’t actually start till the Monday. I did a sneaky weigh in this morning and have lost another pound, which will hopefully be a little more by Friday.


I’ve not been religiously intermittent fasting, but have definitely extended my fasting window by not eating or drinking anything other than water after dinner. Plus I’ve been skipping breakfast most days. Lunch has been salad, the weather remains mild and I don’t feel the need for anything hot right now. I’ve been trying to vary the contents of my salads to keep things interesting. I’ve also avoided bread and cheese as much as possible. Evening meals have been the usual stuff and I have eaten carbs, I won’t cut down until the weight loss stalls. This has meant I’ve not really been too hungry between meals. I’ve generally had some yoghurt +/- some fruit if I’ve needed anything else. We’ve been having a bottle of wine with dinner, but no more. Again I’ll cut it out if and when I’m not losing weight. This has to become a new habit after all.

The weekend

We spent Friday and Saturday in Oxford for the start of the Lieder festival. In the past we’ve been there for a week and once even the whole 2 weeks. But given that we’re just back from our long trip we’ve restricted ourselves this time. Plus there wasn’t so much to interest Graeme this year.

We stayed in 2 different hotels (a review of the second will come as it was interesting). They were a busy two days and although I drank more than the other days of the week, I definitely didn’t over indulge. For one thing we were too busy with educational events and recitals. Food was also really lovely, we went to our favourite tapas restaurant in Oxford on the first night and a wonderful Thai place the second. Again I’ll write about those in my next post. Certainly the food did no damage to my weight lost. The walking though can only have helped – my step count was around 14k on both days!


I haven’t rechecked these and will be doing so every 2-4 weeks depending. I’ll probably give them a check on Monday which will be 2 weeks. So overall a positive start. It’s going to be a long haul, I know but I’m happy with progress so far.

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