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Back on the weight loss trail

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Two months of holiday has taken its toll on my weight and I’m now at a new high. I could sense this happening over the past few weeks as clothes that had fitted well started to feel tight. But actually I went away feeling fat and unfit and nothing I’ve done while there helped to fight the flab.

We did lots of exercise, especially during periods of travel and I tried to eat healthily. But to be honest the daily wine consumption can’t have helped one bit. I think for future long trips I’ll need to accept that not all of the time we are away can be treated as a holiday. It’s a sad fact of life that I have to control my intake of food and drink in order to stay healthy. Right now I don’t feel especially fit despite all of the walking and hill climbing I’ve done.

Thursday I have a hospital appointment. Finally I’m going to be seen again about my breast reconstruction. It’s sad to think that I got down to the required weight by March 2020 but am not fit to have surgery. However I’m going to the appointment and hope to be able to reassure the surgeon that I can lose the weight once again.

This morning I’ve taken all my measurements and weighed myself. It wasn’t pleasant to record the changes but I’m feeling determined to get back on track. I’m also back to work today so will have other things in the coming week to keep my mind occupied. I plan to blog weekly about progress and am going to weigh in at slimming world even though I’m not going to be eating half the food that fellow slimmers there will be eating. I do however enjoy the interaction with the friends I’ve made there.

Onwards and downwards once again!

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