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Changes: Broadening my horizons

I’ve decided to broaden the focus of my blog. Food and fitness with health thrown in feels a little narrow right now. So much so that it really put me off writing. After months of lockdown and very little to do and say my own horizons are broadening and I want to write about more topics. Not just about food, health and fitness. However I’m not fundamentally changing the name of the blog. Though there will be some style changes.

So what’s happening on my life right now?


Since January I’ve been working in a project role, partly from home and partly in the office. This has taken much of my time and energy. So much so that I haven’t really felt like writing when I finish work of a day. Especially as my work time involves writing reports and lots of them. But the summer approaches (well it’s technically here) and soon I will have a couple of months off.


At last we are travelling again. Firstly at home in England and soon we will be off to France and Spain. One of the reasons for changing focus here is that I want to write a travel log or diary when I am away places. New Horizons if you will. Not just about the physical health side or fitness. Or even just about food, but the whole thing. Travelling in a ‘post’ covid world. Seeing new places, exploring new things and so on. I’m going to do this for the next 3 months and see where it takes me.

Weight loss

To be frank there hasn’t been any. I’m hovering at my highest weight right now and struggling to focus on losing weight. But I’m going to try to make good choices while acknowledging that this is work in progress. I’d like to be slimmer, but if I can’t manage it then at least not to put on weight.

Healthy choices

Mostly I make them, but sometimes I don’t and I need not to feel guilty for acknowledging that. I want to write about the nice food I eat when I’m out and about as well as the healthy stuff. Although often I eat fresh, healthy stuff when I’m away too.

Health in general

At last I am making in roads with my health and fitness. Swimming, walking, a bit of aerobic exercise and yoga. I’m doing them all, though not necessarily on the same day. But even if I am not losing much weight I’m feeling better for it. But there are other aspects of health I want to write about. Hopefully I will find the time for it all. So here goes to new and broader topics and horizons too!

2 thoughts on “Changes: Broadening my horizons”

  1. Hi Julie. I’m glad you’re getting back to making healthier choices. I lost around 20 lb by incorporating more veggies and fruit in my diet and by strength training. Muscle is a work horse. It helps your body burn more calories. If you need help getting started, let me know.

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