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Blogging A-Z Challenge: Journals

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I’ve used blogs as journals for a long time now, since I first found WordPress and Blogger. I started my first one when I was first in healthcare management, encouraged by the nursing blogs I’d been reading. I found myself part of a blogging community and that was fun for a while. Over time I moved jobs, had good times and some pretty awful ones, but all of it was catalogued on my blog. Once I found myself in a job where writing about work at all would out me I felt unable to blog. But that wasn’t before I managed to use my blog as a reflective journal as part of my management Masters

9 years ago I started another blog and as I’ve alluded to made tentative steps towards sex blogging. As a middle aged woman I was going through a period of change and personal discovery. I started to write much more about thoughts and feelings. Because I was fearful of being completely outed I deleted my first blog. I so wish I’d just taken it down and not completely deleted it. But what’s done is done. My sex and relationship blog has helped me make amazing friends, attend conferences and other events and to become part of another community.

Finally I started this blog. I wanted somewhere to be able to document other elements of my life and in particular my journey to getting fit and healthy. 17 months later I don’t seem to have got very far. Today I weigh more than I did then and am seriously unfit.

But today I took the first steps (again) to getting fit and healthy.

12 April 2021

The get fit and healthy challenge on my WhatsApp group has started today. Everyone started sharing their height and weight and it was clear that no one has as much to lose as me. I really don’t feel comfortable sharing those things at the moment. But they all said that was fine and to just share my outcomes. I weighed myself and found I’d put on weight over the weekend, I don’t usually weigh on Mondays! That is definitely why!

The swimming pool opened today and I’d managed to get a 12.00 slot. My legs are still heavy from the squats I did Friday, but I set off on foot. My stamina isn’t as good as it was and my speed definitely isn’t. But I managed about half an hour. I have to admit I’m feeling good about it even though I had to have a rest. Tomorrow I’ll post today’s metrics, maybe this is where my weight / BMI will live.

We have spaghetti bolognese for dinner and I’ll be stopping at a glass or two of wine. Got to wean myself off of that, don’t you know. But day 1 and I’m feeling positive.

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