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Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021: I’m behind

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I’m behind with the challenge, hence a Sunday post. Plus I haven’t properly planned this, but unlike last year I am determined to finish.

I’m transcribing my nan’s diaries and wish now I’d used that as my theme, but maybe next year. Tomorrow I definitely need to get planning because on Tuesday I’m back at work and will have a lot less time to blog. Thankfully I’m up to date on my other blog and on a bit of a flow.

So in the absence of a proper topic this will be a kind of journal post. I’ve made no progress on the weight loss, but tomorrow is the day we start our exercise and weight loss challenge. Plus tomorrow is the first day of lockdown easing further. The shops open and so does the swimming pool, yay. I’ve made a start on the exercise. On Friday I tried to do a Betty Crocker workout, but it became clear that her energetic workouts will be for me. At least at the moment. I’m really not able to leap in the air and 30 seconds later be lying on the floor, then a minute later be leaping in the air. Nor can I go between the 2 without sitting down for half an hour first.

Today a friend pointed me to another app. I’ve signed up and done a short yoga session which was brilliant. Trouble is my thighs are still protesting from all the squats I did while Betty was moving from ground to floor. Hopefully the new workouts will hit the spot, but won’t disable me.

Tomorrow I’m off to the pool. Goodness knows how slow my lengths will be, but we have to start somewhere. I’m determined though to get some fitness back. I’m also determined to lose weight too. The rest of this month I’ll be reporting in how things are going. sometimes as a whole post and other times a part of something else. I need to do measurements, plan out meals and most importantly say no to the wine during the week. I was behind, but I have caught up!

Wish me luck!

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