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Blogging A-Z Challenge 2021 – Dieting

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This is what I try to do, but it really is just too easy to fall into diet mode. I’m great at keeping focused on what I should be eating during week days, but come Saturday or sometimes Friday I fall off the wagon. Eat too much bad stuff and drink more wine than is good. Then Monday I’m back on plan and really I’m dieting.

This past year I’ve been working as a contact tracer and some of us have set up a WhatsApp group. We’ve become close friends without even ever meeting. I know this because we talk about anything and everything. And I mean that. No topic so far has been off limits!

Anyway, we have plans to lose weight and get fitter together. Starting 12th April we will be encouraging and holding each other to account. I’ve signed up for an online fitness programme and I’m going to focus on planning my food and executing those plans 7 days a week for a month.

I’ve been there before, am still there with Slimming World. But it’s time to focus down on getting my body into better shape. I really need to leave the dieting behind and lose weight by eating healthily!

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