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A blog to follow

Blogs to Follow

It’s a long time since I wrote a post promoting a food, fitness or health blog to follow. But as part of my blog relaunch this year I want to make this a regular feature again. You can find the others in the series here. For the first time I’m picking an Instagram blog. But given how amenable the platform is to photos, little video clips and messages I’m sure this won’t be the last.

Big Welshman

Grant is a big guy and despite a 20 stone weight loss he still is and weighs 28 stone at the moment. I followed to begin with because he was cooking and eating some amazing food, and following Slimming World too. Since then he has continued to cook and eat great food but is now taking a calorie counting approach. From my own experience mixing it up like this to keep on the straight and narrow is a good approach.

While Grant still has a good way to go on his weight loss journey, the changes to his body are evident to see. He is leaner and fitter and a complete inspiration to just keep going. Plus he has some amazing food on his site that really inspire. His meals look great and you just know that taste good too. I import you to go take a look at Big Welshman.

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