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Planning – 1st December

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Day one of my Advent Calendar of posts is about planning.

Christmas is one of those times of year that needs planning. It’s not that my Christmas is particularly complicated, but plan I do. First of all is my present list, which expands and contracts over time. I still buy for my siblings, nieces and nephews and great nephew. But over time I’ve cut back on costs. On the other hand, I gained a daughter in law a couple of years ago and so it feels I have two children now rather than one.

I’ve written my present list and bought a few things, both in person and online. ‘Non essential’ shops have been closed here for a month but open tomorrow. I really like to go and look around to see what I might buy. Inspiration you might say. I plan to do that Friday for the first time since this lockdown.

Next is a card list. Well my address book. I am a fan of Christmas cards, both sending and receiving. I need to check my boxes in the garage to see what cards I need this year since I tend to over buy.

Food planning is currently in my head. We will be home alone for 3 days and then are staying in a hotel for a couple of nights to catch up with my son and other family. We’ve decided to have beef wellington for our Christmas meal. But I want the other days to be a bit special too. So I am going to plan those meals soon.

Finally there is the tree and other decorations. I’m not a fan of putting them up too early. I like a real tree and don’t want it dead before the big day. So I probably won’t do that for a couple of weeks. I’ll start to get some of my decorations and ornaments out though. Photos will follow.

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