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Giving thanks

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Photo by Farhan Shaikh on Unsplash

We don’t have a Thanksgiving type event here in the UK. But since it will be Thanksgiving in USA next week I thought I’d use that as a prompt for this month’s shortened For The Health Of It.

2020 hasn’t been anything like the year any of us expected. For many of us it has been downright horrible. We’ve had to learn to stay home for work, schooling and eating. Stuff we already probably did to a greater or lesser degree but this has been off the scale. We have seen friends and family much less, if at all. Many have been unable to travel and others have been unable to work. Others still have been unwell, or watched loved ones who have suffered ill health or worse. All in all the year has been rubbish.

But for all of the unpleasantness there has to be something (however small) to be thankful for. Maybe you’ve discovered a new talent or have achieved something you had been putting off. Perhaps you have enjoyed not being required to spend hours commuting. What can you give thanks for this year?

The link opens today and closes on 30th November when I promise I will get back to normal. Share your positivity below.

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