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September Prompt: Selfcare

This prompt was inspired by a tweet and responses from Violet Fawkes asking what people did to provide themselves with selfcare. I decided there and then that this would make a great prompt for the For the Health of it meme. Little did I know how relevant that might be.

A week ago we set off for the south of France where I am lucky enough to have a small apartment. The journey down was long and we travelled over 3 days, staying on the way with a lovely friend I hadn’t seen for around 5 years. I was feeling happy and relaxed as we arrived at our destination on Monday evening. Until I walked into the bathroom that is and found that there was a leak in the water tank. With the power switched on the small leak turned into a large one. Then on returning from dinner we had something of a flood. So the past few days have been far from relaxing and we have had to rent accommodation until things are fixed.

Now though we are in a position to do all the jobs in the apartment we had planned but without living amongst them. We also have the opportunity for some down time and trips to the beach etc. But more of that when I write my own post on this topic.

What is your go to method of making sure you get the self care you need?

  • How do you manage to get time for yourself in a busy world?
  • Do you find the need to remove yourself from social media and how do you mange that?
  • Many of us have been working from home and spending much more time with loved ones, how have you managed to care for yourself in that scenario.
  • Perhaps like me you put others before yourself, until you realise that you are being taken advantage of?
  • Does another person in your life have to be the one to give you permission to seek self care?

The link opens today Sunday 6th September and will close on Wednesday 30th September (I hope to get back on track with dates by then). The rules etc. can be found by clicking this link.

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5 thoughts on “September Prompt: Selfcare”

  1. Self care: each morning I do a floor routine of very easy yoga, short and sweet, followed by breathing and short meditation. Soon I’ll be resuming a walk after. Okay – the morning yoga is to reduce inflammation and sort out digestion. Both of which I need. A short yoga session each evening for glandular health, rest and restore. Lockdown sorted out the whole “haven’t got time for me” scenario, and now that I do have this time – I’m not giving it up!!! Having said that, I live alone, so it’s easier. I do make as much time as possible for family and close friends, and have learnt to be selective about friends. Self care is interesting. We women lose track of it as we are so nuturing. But it does matter.

  2. Hi Ratnamurti, thank you for visiting and commenting. Yoga is something I would very much like to try. I completely agree that lockdown helped in some ways to sort out what is important in our lives. Self care is very important and as you say, it does matter.

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