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My Food, Fitness and Health Goals

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I deliberately chose the topic of goals as this month’s For the Health of it topic because I knew it was something I really needed to do. In this post I’m going to separate the goals by those I have for the blog and the more personal ones.

The Food, Fitness and Health Blog Goals

In my post yesterday I mentioned the Smutlancer site, group and podcast. It was through one of their recent podcasts that I found out about recent developments in blog themes. I am planning to revamp my NSFW site, but it is huge – 1800 posts huge. I have’t been very happy with the theme I had chosen for this site. So I decided to make changes here first and use the learning for my bigger site. I’m pleased to say that I’ve started the changes and so far I am very happy with them. I have a new static front page and am busy creating the other pages that will form the main structure. Plus, I’ve regained my enthusiasm for the concept of this blog.

My goals for this autumn and going forward are as follows:

  • Create more content – My plan is for 2-3 posts a week, but in the short term that may well be more
  • Promote the blog and the For the Health of it Meme (more of the how etc. in a future post)
  • Move across my breast cancer journey posts from my other blog and create a space for them
  • Promote more blogs and websites that I find and that support the ethos of this space – Food, Fitness and Health

My own Fitness and Health Goals

During the summer I have begun to regain some of my fitness reliance. The long months of lockdown really got to me and I wasn’t doing much exercise. Thankfully the pool is open and I’ve been going weekly – socially distanced swimming. I’ve loved it. I’m toying with the idea of joining the gym at the leisure centre where the pool is and will decide when I get back from France.

We are going to France as planned on 1st September, because we can quarantine when we get home if needed. Hopefully though, by the time we return things will be back to normal. Or else they will be testing people rather than issuing long quarantine instructions. In France I will be able to swim in our complex outdoor pool (till 15th Sept when it closes) and then could go to the indoor pool. But also we will do lots of walking as there are some fabulous places to explore. We may hire some bikes too, so hopefully I’ll have further raised my fitness levels by the time we get back.

In terms of food. I’ve made adjustments already to my diet and cut out a lot of the refined carbohydrates and sugar that had crept in. The only remaining issue is wine. I don’t think I’ll cut down as much as I should till we get back from France in October. But I will try to moderate it and have some wine free days. Food there will be amazing. My partner doesn’t eat fish and seafood so this is a big opportunity for me to enjoy some food I love and don’t usually eat at home. It’s healthy too and it’s easy to avoid chips (fries) if you ask for more salad.

I have a hospital appointment this week – the breast surgeon and am due my second annual mammogram in November. I am not expecting problems, so fingers crossed. There will be a decision to make about DIEP surgery in the future, but I imagine the waiting list is currently pretty long. I’ll talk about my thoughts on going ahead in another post.

So in conclusion, I’m feeling more positive about this space. Plus I am committed to making it a decent resource and place that signposts to other great blogs and sites that promote health and wellbeing in all forms.


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