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A website to follow: The Smutlancer

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For the first time I’m linking to a website that is about becoming a writer (of a blog or any other medium) and improving your skills to such an extent that you can get paid for writing. The Smutlancer is an amazing resource for such writers, whether they are new or experienced. One caveat is that it is specifically aimed at people who write about sex and other adult topics. However the resources themselves are great for everyone and the content isn’t particularly NSFW.

I am a Smutlancer. In that I have joined up to the Patreon group and am able to get great advice from Molly and Kayla who run the Smutlancer group. But also we have a whole community of writers that support each other through a Slack group. The Smutlancer has a weekly podcast from which you can get great tips and ideas about blogging and writing. From creating content, to the ins and outs of wordpress and other structural elements of writing. The website has an enormous range of resources which can be transferred to any genre of writing and blog creation. One of the great things is that they also provide information and resources on taking care of yourself both physically and emotionally. I urge you to go and take a look.

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