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Gin and tonics on a hotel table, with a view of the garden including trees and grass.

I’ve been beyond lax with updating this blog. While I started it with immense enthusiasm at the end of last year events have caught up with me. Running two blogs and writing for them both regularly has become something of a chore. Added to which I’ve not even been following my own health advice. Now, suddenly it’s August.

Maybe though now is a good time to try again. This August is proving to be pretty hot and with the heat I feel the shoots of some enthusiasm for getting back on track. Because just like November (when I got things started here) August is that time before new things begin. September isn’t January, but it is the start of the school term and a time for new beginnings. So, off I go again.


I have continued with intermittent Fasting (IF) all through lockdown and beyond. Recently though I went away for 2 short breaks and stayed in hotels where I ate breakfast. I didn’t really notice any side effects from doing this, though it may have led a a small weight gain. Number one plan now though is to get back to properly fasting for 16 hours. I know that worked back before lockdown.

Slimming World has been functioning remotely, but this week groups re-open and I will be weighing in a place that isn’t the bathroom. I’ll write about the new slimming world experience once I’ve been on Friday.

Swimming has restarted at the local pool and I went for the third time yesterday. It’s such a relief to be back in the water doing what I love. So, I’ll write something about that too.

For the Health of it – August

Then there is my poor meme – For the Health of it – I only had one proper link up in July (though a bunch of nice looking recipes that were somewhat off topic). I didn’t even write anything myself which is pretty bad. Lilith has asked about this month. I had tentatively decided not to bother, but once she asked I though why not. If Lilith is keen to write, then so should I. Thank you for joining in last month and thank you for getting me started again. Link post to follow.

Other news

The rest of this month will be spent getting ready for holiday. We are off to France on 1st Sept, whether or not the government introduces quarantine. My poor apartment is sitting there neglected and I really need a change of scene. Plus I just paid a load of bills which made me want to go and use it even more. There will be lots to write about while I’m there, which will be more suitable for this blog than my other one.

Finally my breast cancer story. I feel it would be good to move some of my writings across here as of course they link to health and wellbeing. So, that’s something else to do. I think the rest of August will be pretty busy.


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