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A blog to follow: Journey to health with Priya

It’s been a long time since I last recommended a blog to follow. To be honest I’ve been extremely remiss in posting at all. But I’m going to try to get things moving again here.

Priya left a message on my blog a couple of days ago and included the link to her own new blog. I have to say I absolutely love it and would love to emulate it a bit more than I have to date.

Priya has recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and in now trying to get her Hb A1c level down to a normal level. Her site contains health resources, recipes and a journal page charting her journey.

Take a look at Journey to health with Priya.

1 thought on “A blog to follow: Journey to health with Priya”

  1. Julie thanks so much for your endorsement of my blog! Hopefully, we can be an encouragement to each other, with our respective blogs and in our health journeys.

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