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Absence of productivity

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My Food, Fitness and Health mojo has been absent. I’m struggling to keep focused on my goals and so days go by without writing. Here or on my other blog. But it’s time to work out what’s wrong and get back on track. Yesterday I was pointed towards this Youtube video. It really spoke to me and told me some of what is wrong.

Of course this isn’t everything but it is some of it.

I have a lovely desk in a bedroom we made into a little office for me. It has all my books (going back to childhood), my knickknacks, notebooks and planner. But lately I’ve been doing more sitting on the sofa. Which actually I am doing now. It’s Sunday and in a way that feels ok. But my planner has no forward planning, my notebooks are empty of ideas. This needs to change.

More seriously, I think. I haven’t always been sleeping so well. Either getting off to sleep or else waking ridiculously early. And, even though I know that electronic devices are bad for when you are about to sleep or should be sleeping that doesn’t stop me. Friday night I stayed at my mum’s. I’ve continued to visit and do this during lockdown because I think it benefits her more than puts her at risk. But her spare bed isn’t that comfortable and I don’t sleep well there. So I filled the non sleeping time with aimless screen time. Even though I knew that I’d feel terrible later.

This video tells us we need separate sleeping, working and playing spaces. It also tells us we need exercise to help with all the other lockdown effects. Something else I’ve been short of.

So take this as the start of a change in behaviour. Plus a commitment to write here more frequently. Back tomorrow for some additional productivity. Plus thank you to Chase.

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