Into Summer

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A photo from the top of Dunstable Downs

This has been the strangest of springs. After a wet but mild winter the weather has been pretty glorious. Just a few wet and windy days, but otherwise warm and sunny. Given that we have been in lockdown since late March it was just as well. Queuing in a supermarket car park is no joke in the rain. As we move into summer it seems the good weather will continue, at least for a while more.

My favourite season

Summer is my favourite season of all, especially the months of June and July when the days are long. When I was working I loved to come home from work and still be able to enjoy the garden. An early evening drink in a pub garden is a special treat and a barbecued dinner worthy of enjoyment. Of course the weather here in the Uk can put a damner on this kind of outdoor activity. But even when it’s cloudy, wet or cold we still have longer days.

Last weekend we went out for the afternoon to a nearby open space for a picnic and long walk. It was a glorious day and a reminder of the kind of way we like to spend our time. The climate makes England a green place and now that the trees are in full leaf and flowers abound it can be really beautiful. Since March we hadn’t been for a walk outside of our own town, so this was a treat. From next week more gardens round and about are to be opened, so we plan to get out much more.


Early summer is my favorite time to go on holiday and we were due to leave for Spain and France next week. Sadly that won’t be happening, but I hang onto the hope I’ll be able to visit my apartment in France perhaps in September. But in the mean time nothing is open to us. We can’t even stay away for a night at the moment because nothing is open.But again I am hopeful that we might be able to go somewhere before the nights draw in too much.

Holidays abroad for us are about seeing and doing lots of things. I don’t mind spending a day or two by a pool or on a beach and certainly love to swim. But I soon get bored and want to explore the surrounding areas. This is just as well as my partner isn’t one for sitting around. Plus, my palish, freckled skin doesn’t like me to sit in the sun. Last year we toured France and Spain and went to some amazing places – castles, monasteries, museums, beautiful landmarks. Of course the opportunity to sample the culinary delights of the areas we visit is a massive bonus. As is the wine! A gin and tonic measure in Spain is huge and just what’s needed after a long day’s sightseeing.

And to enjoy that drink and to eat in a sunny hotel garden at 7 or 8pm is glorious. As lockdown progresses and we come out of our enforced hibernation it is these memories that drive me on. Along with the knowledge that one day things will return to normal.

Till then, I’ll enjoy my summer at home.


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