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Being kind to yourself

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At the start of the Covid-19 lockdown I imagined myself getting so much done. Decorating, cleaning, writing and finishing off my 5 year old cross stitch, to name a few. We started well with the decorating, finishing off painting in the living room and moving to the hall. But we’ve since come to a halt. The new blinds ordered a month ago are now delayed. So that by late afternoon the sun is streaming in through the front windows. The kitchen while tidy hasn’t yet been super deep cleaned. Plus, other reorganising is on hold as the household recycling place (formally the dump) is closed. Frustrating, but I know I need to take a breath, tell myself to be kind. To myself.

We all dream of having time to do things. While we usually have time to go out, we aren’t often home. We eat out a lot, go on lots of holidays etc. So being home with nothing to do is new. But have I written lots, read more and done any sewing? No. We have tried out new recipes and are making our own bread. But there’s only so much fun in that.

But as I prepare to go back to work (I had induction today), I realise I must be kinder to myself. These are unusual times and we have to allow for that. Time allocated to tasks is important as is planning. Then there’s more chance of getting things done. But if achievements are modest then I tell myself that I should be kind. Allow treats, walk, think and just be. These are important parts of living life. Then get on and damn well clean that kitchen and finish the sewing. There’s only so much room to be kind to yourself.

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