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My weight loss journey has come to a grinding halt. I just don’t seem to be able to get back properly on track. But it isn’t all bad, while I haven’t lost weight in a month, I haven’t put any on either.

Slimming World have gone virtual, and I’ve discovered the joy of Zoom. Each week we are weighing at home and then ‘meeting’ together to talk as we would in group. This is keeping me focused a bit more than I would on the journey to actually being slimmer. It would be easier to throw the scales in the bin and hide away, but that won’t solve anything. Including getting into the clothes I want to this summer.

Not being able to go on holiday this year has been getting me down. I know this is a small issue in regards to the wider issue. People are ill and dying and I’m worried about my holiday. Thankfully this past week has been unusually warm. One of my worries was that we may have a horrible summer and I won’t get to wear my summer clothes even if they fit. But the past few days changed that. Easter (before today) was unusually warm and last week I wore a summer dress I couldn’t get over my tummy last year. Non scale victory to me! This was something I was able to report to my virtual support group.

This felt as important to my journey as being able to say I lost weight. I didn’t but I stayed the same. This feels like progress, because I’ve been yo yoing. This weekend has been a bit boozy and I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get a bit of a gain this week. But being held to account feels important in making weekdays different to weekends and not getting carried away.

So onwards with my virtual and real journey. We only have one life, live it, have fun but don’t get carried away.

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