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Blogging A-Z: Greens

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Green vegetables.

I’m quite a lover of foods that are green. So, have no problem in eating my greens as it were. Particular favourites are cabbage (including spring green), leeks and broccoli. I love to cook cabbage and leeks together and also to mash them into potato. Spinach too is great, mixed with ricotta in pasta or else eaten in a salad.

Apparently leafy green vegetables support brain function and are good for the bones, the latter because of their calcium content. Broccoli and kale also contain vitamin B. They are also good for gut health which is something I have been keen to promote ever since my breast cancer diagnosis. They are an important part of the Rainbow diet.

In fact I often replace starchy carbohydrates with a good plate full of green vegetables.

So people, eat your greens. They are good for you and taste good too.


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