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Veering off the food related words of the past 3 days, this is a journal type post. How is it that we make a decision on Monday, or late at night or any morning to eat and drink only healthy stuff. Then within hours are doing something the complete opposite.

The problem

3 weeks ago, I reached a stone (14lb) milestone. They even gave me a certificate at Slimming World even though I had it before. But it was might lightest weight for 3 years. Yesterday I was only 1.4lb heavier, but we are 3 weeks on.

Confounding issues

Without mentioning the other C word (I’m sure you know what it is), I am slightly out of sorts. This week was G’s 60th birthday. We should have been in Budapest, but instead we were here. At home, where we’ve been for 3 weeks now. This week we also cancelled all our planned trips for the summer. We love to travel, a lot. But haven’t been away since last year. Refunds are making my credit card look like a bank account, but I’d rather have the travel.

Food including processed carbohydrates and chocolate have snuck back in. Alcohol intake has been up. All good intentions, decisions made every day have been overruled my a more powerful subconscious.

My summer wardrobe lies under the bed in boxes ready for the day it is warm enough. So, action is needed.

Decision making for summer

When summer comes I may not be able to go away. Leaving the country looks like a long way away, but I will be allowed to walk to the shops. Maybe the lockdown will lighten and we can freely walk in parks and go out for the day. Who knows, hotels may even open. Anyway, I want to be able to wear my clothes. Not just the ones that fitted last year, but others, that are smaller.

So I’ve made a decision to fight my demons. To get back on track. To eat fewer carbohydrates, to intermittent fast for the full number of hours and to drink water not wine. I’ll be back in a week to report back.

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