Keeping fit and healthy when staying at home

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Who could have predicted that Eating Out would become something we were no longer allowed to do. Between the date I published my prompt post (8th March) and the expected close date two weeks later all restaurants and bars in the UK closed. We had followed Italy, France, Spain and many other countries into lockdown. Thank you to everyone who linked up and wrote about what they love about eating out. Also some of the difficulties individuals have in navigating menus etc. Because our lives have changed over the past weeks, I have decided to change the next prompt. Hopefully this is something many more people will be able to write about. How do you keep fit and healthy when you have to stay home?

Staying at home

We have been told by our government to stay home as much as possible. We’ve been told to go out only to buy essential items, attend to vulnerable people and to take some exercise. That when we are out we should keep a distance of 2 metres between us and others. Last weekend the weather was wonderful and many people decided to get out and about, enjoy nature. Trouble was everyone else decided to do the same thing at the same time.

Keeping fit

I am allowed to go out for a walk. But if you are vulnerable (older people, those with long term conditions, those with a lowered immune system) then that isn’t really an option. Or maybe you prefer to exercise at home anyway.

Eating healthily

Supermarkets everywhere have struggled to keep up with demand. There has definitely been panic buying and hoarding. But also there is going to be more demand. No one can go out to eat and many of the restaurants that previously provided takeaways have closed for the time being. Last weekend I struggled to buy chicken. There was plenty of beef, but no chicken. Fresh fruit and vegetables were also in short supply. So it has suddenly become more difficult to find the healthier food.

Next there is the stress of being home often with others we are usually apart from in the week. Are you struggling to keep to a healthy diet, maybe it feels like there is little point in avoiding chocolate and other treats. Maybe they help your stress.

My key driver for weight loss at the moment is my planned reconstruction surgery. It was due to take place later this year. Without anyone informing me, I know it will be delayed. By, at a guess I’d say a year or longer even. So, I am struggling to maintain focus. More about that when I link up my post.

So the question for this next fortnight (30th March – 12th April) is:

How will you keep fit and healthy while staying at home?

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