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For the Health of it #2 – Eating Out

A tapas meal laid out on a round table. With white wine.

Thank you to everyone who linked up to For the Health of it #1 – Physical Health. There were 8 link ups, including 2 from May More. Posts provided insights into the ways in which people are able to be and stay healthy. Including in the face of some difficult challenges including chronic illness and disability. Please take a look if you haven’t read the posts yet. On to prompt 2.

Eating out

We eat out a lot. We spend a lot of our time travelling, attending social events and exploring cultural pursuits. Life has been quite lately, but most weekends we will be attending a concert or film, or visiting a gallery. Often in the week we get together with friends at a Munch, and will usually have eaten out before hand.

Eating out can be expensive and also unhealthy. I have no problem with fast food and enjoy a pizza as much as others do. I prefer my burgers to be made from good quality meat and I also like to be offered a bunless option as well as salad. Chips (fries) are great and I love them, but like pizza I can only really eat them occasionally. Plus of course I’m trying to eat fewer starchy carbohydrates as well as less processed food.

This makes eating out something of a challenge. How do you find good quality, unprocessed food that doesn’t break the bank? Do you, like me eat out regularly and what is your favourite food to eat out. Do you have a regular place you go to, where you are known and maybe get special service? Or do you prefer to cook at home where you know the contents of the meals you are eating. And so tend not to eat out? Is eating out a pursuit you do when a group of you get together. How do you handle the thorny subject of paying the bill? Equal splitting of the bill seems to be less common these days.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on eating out and the happy times you’ve had doing so. The type of food you like to eat and how you tackle healthy eating while out. Or not.

The link up opens at midnight tonight GMT (so 9th March) and closes at midday on Sunday 22nd March, so you have 2 weeks to join in. The prompt post is here so you can see what is coming up in the future.

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