Slow and steady

After I texted G with news of my latest weight loss, hw replied with “Slow and steady” So, it is. Just another half a pound this week. so just 1.5lb this month and a total of 13lb. Just one pound to the first stone.

But, that isn’t the whole story. Even though the scales haven’t moved much, the measuring tape has. Another inch off of my hips, waist and tummy and half an inch off my chest. My clothes are definitely looser and this week I wore a jumper I haven’t worn all winter. As I took it off I wondered why, since it is one of my favourites. Checking the size, I realised that as it is quite fitting it would have been too tight earlier in the winter. Another non scale victory.


I’ve found it difficult to keep motivated during February. It’s probably the same for many people. We start January all keen, everyone around us has goals to lose weight, eat healthy etc. But January is long and then February is hard. But this year has been different. I’ve stuck to it and it has paid off. The biggest motivation now is my BMI.

As I’ve mentioned before I need to lose weight to be eligible for breast reconstruction surgery. They have said my BMI should be between 30 and 31. As of Friday it is now 30.8 and so, that goal is reached. However I would be happier with a BMI under 30 when I do have surgery. I’m pretty sure it will be too.

Sticking to plan

I’ve not been good at sticking to my weight loss plan recently and carbs have crept in all over the place. This week I am determined to reign myself in. Two weeks time I’ll be at a weekend conference of sex bloggers and writers. That will be a weekend of indulgence and so it seems a good idea to try to lose some weight before then so I don’t need to worry.

Below is my weight loss journey to date:

My weight loss journey graph.

As you can see, I’m at my lowest weight since September/ October 2017.

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  1. I have not been good these past few days either and was horrified when the scale showed a higher number. These next days I am going to be really, really strict, so I can indulge some next weekend. It’s slow going indeed, but we will get there!

    Rebel xox

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