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A website to follow: Delish

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Delish is a magazine style website contains all kinds of useful information. Recipes, food and other news. The UK site concentrates on food and drink, including cocktail recipes and restaurant reviews. The US site on the other hand has more to offer. Including trends, jewellery, entertainment and other news. I’m assuming that the US site came first and the UK site is still developing and expanding. I’ve signed up for the UK site newsletter and am hoping that there will be more to share once I’ve had more of a browse.

Recipes fall into every category. So, you can equally find foods to fit a Keto Diet as you can a new pizza or pasta recipe. There are themed recipes for example Easter or Mardi Gras. I love places like this because I often tend to adapt recipes to my liking.

There’s a facebook, Twitter and Instagram page to follow too.

This definitely seems like one to follow in one way or another. Or all of them!


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