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For the Health of it #1 – Physical Health

A woman running. There are two people in the distance on bikes.

Welcome to the first prompt post of my brand new meme here on Food, Fitness and Health. I’ve decided to keep the first few prompts broad so that they give the opportunity for writers to approach them from any direction they wish. Also, it will, I think allow me to use some of those topics for later prompt ideas. So, without further ado lets get on with the topic in question.

Physical Health.

I have to admit I have always been really healthy, without trying very hard. I’ve often been overweight but that hasn’t stopped me doing anything I’ve wanted to do. I participated in exercise classes, kept fit via the Wii at home and used walking as a way of being healthy. I’ve tried to eat healthily, cooking from scratch for my entire adult life. I’ve never been one to live on a diet of takeaways and ready meals. But I never really thought I’d get ill, develop a disease or anything. At least for now, I mean you aren’t old in your 50’s.

But then in 2018 I discovered I had breast cancer. This has made me re-evaluate my life, to think much more about what I eat and how I keep as fit and healthy as I can. I’ll write more in my post which will be linked below once it goes live.

How about you?

Is being generally healthy important to you. What are the key components to health for you? 

  • What do you do to stay / get healthy?
  • Is it just about diet?
  • Or is a combination of things
  • Do you need to be gym fit to be healthy?
  • If you have been unwell, what have you done to feel healthy again?
  • Where does sleep and rest fit?
  • Do age, disability or other factors have a bearing on your health. How do you over come them?

The questions above are just some of what you might consider. It might be about one thing or a combination. I’d love to read your thoughts. Write anything that you want about Physical Health. Copy the badge below and put it on your post then link back here. The linky tool will open at midnight (24th February 2020) and close at midday on Sunday 9th March. So you have two weeks. Link one post or more, I really don’t mind.

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