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Moving on down

Slowly. But the scales are definitely definitely moving down. Just half a pound off this week. But given the weekend of excess I had last week this is a good result. Checking my ‘journey’ I can see this is my lowest weight for around 2.5 years.

My BMI which was 33 when I was weighed at the hospital in November is now 31. My main drive for weight loss now is to get to an acceptable weight for breast reconstruction surgery. And, I’m nearly to that marker (between 30 and 31). But I’m not stopping there.

I’m also pretty sure that there will be an inches loss when I measure myself around 1st March. This I know because the smaller bra I bought about 6 weeks ago is now on the tightest fastening. I’ll be back in a 36 bra pretty soon (and I have a lot of 36 bras, though none of them for people who’ve had a mastectomy.

So, despite the modest weight loss this week and this month, I’m feeling very positive.

For the Health of it starts Monday!

Monday is the start of my new meme – For the Health of it. See here for more details. If you read this, come back and join in.

The prompt for this fortnight (24th Feb to 8th March) is Physical Health. Write and post something on your blog and link up. Or email me admin (at) foodandfitness (dot) co if you want to participate but don’t have a blog. I will post it on my blog and link it up for others to read. The prompts for this and other weeks going forward are here.

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