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For the Health of it Prompts

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Updated: 01 May 2020

I have decided to change the The Food, Health and Fitness meme to monthly: Starting today Friday 01 May 2020. The link opens at 13.00 (UK time) and will stay open until Sunday 31st May at 12..00. Dates and prompts are subject to change.

The prompts are as follows:

  • Physical Health – Monday 24th Feb – Sunday 8th March
  • Eating out – Monday 9th March – Saturday 28th March
  • Keeping fit and healthy while staying at home – Monday 30th March – Sunday 12th April
  • Go to blogs or websites for Food, Health and Fitness – Monday 13th April – Sunday 26th April
  • The changing seasons – Friday 1st May – Sunday 31st May

More to follow. Please send suggestions to admin at foodandfitness dot co

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