Turning things around

I won’t deny that I was disappointed with last week’s weigh in. But mostly with myself for allowing old habits to creep in. This week though was somewhat different. My weigh in on Friday showed a 1.5lb loss bringing the total to 12lb.

I’m definitely not out of the woods though. Weekends are still an issue and this weekend is proving to be just that. I definitely struggle to stay on the straight and narrow from Friday lunchtime onwards.

This was worse this week because there was a taster event at Slimming World. It’s been weeks since I ate anything before lunch. Much less 10am in the morning. But I did this Friday. The food was tasty and very healthy, I swerved the sweet stuff. But all it did was to make me ravenous for the rest of the day. This shows that Intermittent Fasting is good for me and helps me avoid over eating. I did no more but come home, eat lunch and practically continue all day long.

Thankfully yesterday was better, we were out and busy. But bread and chips crept in so, Carbs. I have some work to do if I’m going to avoid a gain this week.

But I’m on to it and now committed to be mindful for the rest of this week. It’s going to be a challenge – meal out in a burger type place tonight for my son’s birthday and then off to my mum’s tomorrow.

But this is life isn’t it? So, when pursuing a lifestyle you need to manage the curves in the road. Right now that seems just a bit more winding than I’d like!

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