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Welcome to For the Health of it

I am excited to welcome you to a new fortnightly meme hosted by Food, Fitness and Health.

When I decided to start a new blog about food, fitness and health I was keen to involve others. Writing about my own weight loss and fitness journey is fine and finding resources to share is great. But there are many people out there doing the same thing. What. I wondered could I do that was a bit different.

On my NSFW blog I participate in a number of memes every week. Fellow bloggers come up with prompts – words or phrases that others can follow. These might be experience or opinion pieces or short pieces of fiction. And, if this works for people writing about sex and relationships then why not food and fitness.

My friend May More beat me to the starting post, which luckily gave me some time to get my blog established. for the past month she has been running Food Matters as part of a wider health project. I’ve been really pleased to see it has been extremely popular. So, now it’s my turn.

How will For the Health of it work?

Every fortnight there will be a different topic for discussion, each one will ask fellow bloggers to contribute their thoughts, ideas and experiences. I’ll kick off with a blog post to get things going and then you’ll be invited to link up your own blog post. If you don’t have a blog but want to contribute then just leave a comment and we’ll arrange for me to host it here.


There aren’t going to be many rules. Essentially you need to have written the post yourself. It needs to be loosely based on the current theme – there will be times when we have time to catch up if you missed one. Grab the badge (it’s the same as the one at the top of this post) and then link in the relevant post. It’s as easy as that.

At the end of each fortnight I’ll do a round up and highlight posts here and on Twitter.

When will For the Health of it start?

We’ll kick off on Monday 24th February. The first topic will be about health. As popular as Food was on May’s blog, I want to give everyone a break from all things eating related. In the coming days I’ll publish a list of upcoming topics with dates. Then, I’ll link them to this post.

The first topic: Physical Health

Is being generally healthy important to you. What are the key components to health for you?

  • What do you do to stay / get healthy?
  • Is it just about diet?
  • Or is a combination of things
  • Do you need to be gym fit to be healthy?
  • If you have been unwell, what have you done to feel healthy again?
  • Where does sleep and rest fit?
  • Do age, disability or other factors have a bearing on your health. How do you over come them?

The questions above are just some of what you might consider. It might be about one thing or a combination. I’d love to read your thoughts.

The link will open on Monday 24th February


  1. May More says:

    I look forward to this Julie and will certainly be linking up when ever i can. I think it is important for us to discuss health and fitness as well as the joys of food šŸ˜‰ xx

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks May and I completely agree. It felt right to avoid food for a few weeks. Though I get the feeling there is a lot more people would like to say!

  3. I am excited to participate in this meme too!

    Rebel xox

    1. Julie says:

      Iā€™m excited for that too xx

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