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A blip

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Yesterday, the scales went up and not down. It was only a one pound gain and my first since December. It was disappointing but I do know where it came from. Gradually I’ve been reintroducing wine at dinner during the week. I’m quite annoyed at myself since last week I managed to eat out and just drink water. So, a new leaf (yet again) for this week is to stay off the alcohol Monday to Thursday.

The other issue was the number of times we ate out. I swerved the carbs, but the meals were quite rich often salty and had sauces. So it’s impossible to know what is in them. This week though things will be quieter and cheaper!

So, I’m hoping for at least 2lbs next week. I may also step up the exercise, weather permitting.

This is a blip, not a disaster. But a blip all the same.

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