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A Website / Blog to follow: Diet Doctor

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Diet Doctor is a site run by doctors and dieticians. It is particularly devoted to a low carbohydrate / Keto lifestyle. On the one hand it offers a paid for premium service with special meal plans. But on the other is has a vast library of free resources. In particular the growing evidence of the health benefits of low carbohydrates and a massive array of recipes.

The use of a low carbohydrate diet for people with type two diabetes seems to have the most available evidence the Diet Doctor site. In particular allowing people to stop medication and reverting them to a pre-diabetic state. One of the reasons I decided to give this kind of diet a go is because I was worried I might develop diabetes in the future. My mum has the disease and has been a big consumer of carbs including those that are highly processed.

My favourite part of the website though is the recipe section. You can search by ingredient or meal type, Keto or low carbohydrate. So, even if you are not following a particular plan you can dip into the restaurant.

I’m a member of a few intermittent fasting and other diet related facebook groups and these recipes are shared there often. Which suggests that people do rate them. So far I’ve used the site for ideas, but I’m sure I’ll be following some actual recipes soon.

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