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Body measurements – February

At the moment the news from here is pretty much all good. I’m still feeling good about my 1lb weight loss last week. Plus I had a reasonable weekend food and alcohol wise. Saturday was our anniversary – 6 years since my partner and I first met. We had planned to eat in a local Turkish restaurant where I know I can easily choose something low carb. But it was full so we went to a really nice Indian just a short walk away. I chose a tandoori dish. – kink prawn shashlik and also some Saag Bhaji (spinach). I did eat some poppadoms and also a little naan so did veer off a little. But it was a special occasion.

Happily when I weighed this morning I’ve just put a pound on over the weekend. So, all being well I’m on for a good loss this Friday.

I also took my February body measurements. Losses (from November 22nd) are as follows:

  • Chest (-2)
  • Waist (-2)
  • Tummy (-4)
  • Hips  (1)
  • Thigh  (-2)
  • Upper arm  (-1)

It is the tummy (widest part) that I’m especially pleased with. I wrote about the reasons it is important here at the beginning of January. But of course I am hoping for all over loss and that is also beginning to show. This is just the sort of encouragement I need. The problem with starting a fresh at the beginning of the year is that you can easily lose momentum and I am definitely going to try not to let that happen. Onwards and downwards!

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