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My physical health

I’ve never been skinny or exercised excessively, but I always considered myself healthy. Throughout my adult life I’ve tried to eat reasonably healthily and to do enough exercise. I was

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A website to follow: Delish

Delish is a magazine style website contains all kinds of useful information. Recipes, food and other news. The UK site concentrates on food and drink, including cocktail recipes and restaurant

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For the Health of it #1 – Physical Health

Welcome to the first prompt post of my brand new meme here on Food, Fitness and Health. I’ve decided to keep the first few prompts broad so that they give

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Moving on down

Slowly. But the scales are definitely definitely moving down. Just half a pound off this week. But given the weekend of excess I had last week this is a good

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For the Health of it Prompts

Updated: 01 May 2020 I have decided to change the The Food, Health and Fitness meme to monthly: Starting today Friday 01 May 2020. The link opens at 13.00 (UK

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Countdown to the start of: For the Health of it

On Monday 24th February my new Meme: for the Health of it goes live. As mentioned last week, the first topic is Physical Health. These are some questions you might

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Processed food

Last week I came across this (rather long) article in the Guardian about processed food. Much of it is about the things we know or are now learning about the

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Turning things around

I won’t deny that I was disappointed with last week’s weigh in. But mostly with myself for allowing old habits to creep in. This week though was somewhat different. My

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For the Health of it

Welcome to For the Health of it When I decided to start a new blog about food, fitness and health I was keen to involve others. Writing about my own

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Green Thai Curry

This recipe for Green Thai Curry is one I got from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals and have used and adapted over the years. You can have it with chicken

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