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Should we eat fruit?

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In the past, I’ve eaten a lot of fruit in the belief it was healthy and good for me. Berries with porridge, a banana midmorning, an apple with lunch, another banana later etc. Of course, the fruit was only part of the problem, constantly eating might have been the other. But, how healthy is fruit and does it make you fat?

This article by Zoe Harcombe challenges the 5 (or more) a day campaigns aimed at getting us to eat more fruit and vegetables. In particular the fruit part. The main problem with fruit is fructose (fruit sugar) which is metabolised in the liver and turned into fat. The advice to eat more fruit and vegetables was first advocated as a means of preventing cancer, but it’s not clear they have anything to do with it.

Since starting intermittent fasting I have drastically reduced my fruit intake. Mainly because I no longer snack. Instead I have increased my portions and the variety of vegetables I eat. In particular green vegetables such as cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli etc. But still I am conflicted. I like fruit and wish to eat some, at least from time to time.

Official health advice around the world still advocates eating fruit and plenty of it. But for me, I think eating too much may be as bad as eating too much chocolate or other sweet food. I found it impossible to eat just one banana or satsuma. The diet doctor helpfully lists the amount of carbohydrate in different fruits. So, berries such as strawberries and blackberries are the lowest and bananas the highest. I prefer to eat my fruit in the right season so, won’t be eating strawberries at the moment. I do though have some frozen blueberries and will be having some later in the week with some natural live yoghurt. But not every day like before.


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