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A long and winding road

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I’m extremely happy to report another weight loss of 2lb which takes my total loss since November to 9lb. I’m feeling happy, proud and excited that I’ve finally found something that works for me.

I’ll admit that getting to a reasonable BMI by the time I see the plastic surgeons about my breast reconstruction in April feels doable. I know I’ve been here before. But this time I think I’ve found a plan that will work. Plus, in the main I’m sticking reasonably close to the slimming world plan. Just not eating loads of pasta and rice. Or processed food, sugar replacement etc. But, for reasons that can be seen above I’m going to keep attending my slimming world group. Plus, I have a whole load of friends and supporters there who I love to see every week.

The journey

Well, it actually started longer ago than 2015. On and off for 12 or 13 years. When I first attended a slimming world group I was 14 stone 3 and joined because I was around the weight I was when my son was born. I felt that if you could weight the same as you did when 8 months pregnant then it was time to do something. That first time I lost a couple of stones and felt fabulous. But having reverted to old habits it all went back on and some. The next time I was a little heavier, lost a stone and a half and then quit, it was too hard.

When I joined this time in 2015 my dad had recently died (the previous September). In February 2015 I cut my working hours to 4 days and for the first time had Fridays off. Arriving home from a fantastic trip to Spain I decided it was time. And I was shocked to discover that I was now 15 stone 3lb.

As you can see, things went well till around March 2016 when I reached what might be a reasonable weight for me. At that point I would usually walk away, this time I stayed. And, put the weight back on while contuing to attend group at a cost of £4.95 per week.

In September 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have maintained a similar weight since. There was a small loss just beforehand (due to cystitis) and a similar one last January. Now though I need to crack on.

The road continues

I’ll share as I travel along it. Hopefully this part will be shorter – I don’t believe I’ve felt this positive since those early days in 2015-16!

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