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Man v Fat was set up by Andrew Shanahan in 2014 and is particularly aimed at men (clue in the title). This is a digital magazine, initially crowdfunded by Andrew. There is a Man v Fat football league, designed to get men not only losing weight but exercising and participating in sport too.

Their philosophy is:

  • Quality, enjoyable advice, information and tools which give you a no-bullshit view on the facts about weight loss.
  • A friendly, welcoming community where you know other men are cheering you on.
  • Weight loss advice and schemes that will fit in with your life. Designed for us – normal(ish) blokes who just want to lose weight. 

(this was lifted straight from their website).

There are articles, recipes and lots of advice specifically aimed at men. Plus, tools to help you work out your BMI and resources about how to find the right diet.

Though this is aimed at men, there is plenty there for everyone. My partner isn’t overweight but I know plenty of couples where both partners are. So, a great resource for all.

Go take a look.

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